Globey - On The Roll!

Globey - On The Roll!

Globey - On The Roll is a great game where you will play a sleepy dragon
GameHouse, Inc.

Globey - On the Roll takes place at Dragon´s Land, this kingdom used to be very peaceful and got it´s name because all the dragons were responsible for every living thing on it. Everything started when all the dragons were captured by evil orcs and caged, the only dragon that do not share this luck was Globey, a sleepy dragon that was taking a nap when everything changed. Now you have to play Globey and free your friends. At the different levels you will have to move Globey and break all the obstacles on your way in order to reach the caged dragon of the stage and free it by crushing the cage.
In order to move Globey you will use a fairy and it´s magic powers, all you need is to keep the left mouse clicked and move the mouse towards the direction you want Globey to take, be careful because it´s a little harder than what it seems. Also pay attention to the fairy because if you keep the left button clicked the whole time she will get tired and will need to rest in order to recover her magical powers; during the fairy´s rest time you won´t be able to move Globey.

Augusto Rivera
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  • Very fun story


  • It doesn´t have as much action as the story itself
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